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Best Supporting Actresses of 2017

Best Supporting Actresses of 2017


Sylvia hoeks - Luv -  Blade Runner 2049

Sylvia Hoeks had the breakout performance of 2017.  Her performance as Luv was subtle but it was an incredulous one.  The character is portrayed as a bratty princess but Hoeks manages to portray the sadistic humanity in her.  She’s break out random tears and has anger outbursts.  It would be very easy to come off silly with such a character but Hoeks plays with it finesse. There is one particular moment where she really shines,  it is a scene where she’s interrogating someone and is asking “where is he”  We have seen this scene in many mystery movies and they all play out the same but then all of a sudden, rage comes out pouring from her.  It is the first time we see there’s more to this character and that she is frightening force to be reckoned with.   There is another moment later in film where she nonchalantly says “she’s the best” and it is subtle but it is the way she says it.  You can infer so much from that line about her character.  Hoeks’ is a future talent and I really hope that she gets to have a bright career.


Tilda Swinton - Nancy Mirando - Okja

Tilda Swinton continues to surprise once again.  One of the least talked about performances because I guess, we expect Tilda to be terrific as always but let’s not forget the craft behind it.  Tilda usually tends to play aggressive characters but Nancy Miranda is a bratty princess who wants to be loved.  This is a huge departure from the characters Tilda usually plays but a huge departure from the real Tilda too.  The performance could easily go in hammy territory but Tilda plays it remarkably well by having Nancy Miranda be a character instead of a caricature. Tilda Swinton even comes 20 years younger with the role too. She displays so many emotions throughout the movie, crying, anger, being nice and keeping all the other actors in check.  She also has a dual role in the movie too where she plays a character that’s a departure from Nancy Mirando.  She manages to create 2 different characters and you don’t feel it’s Tilda playing both of them but Tilda’s twin.  Tilda Swinton is an incredible actress and even though the movie wasn’t too memorable, Tilda is nothing but memorable.


Holly Hunter - Beth Gardner - The Big Sick

Holly Hunter is one of the coolest actresses out there and it’s been a while since we have seen her.  The role of Beth Gardner is not a flashy one but a soulful one. It is Holly’s talent that makes the role hers.  She plays with an array of emotions and she is incredibly funny.  Her comedic timing is on point and her scenes with the cast are gold. There is so much energy in her performance and she spits out dialogue with absolute ease.  It might not be the most difficult role to play, but Holly Hunter brings life & personality to Beth Gardner.  She slowly becomes the heart of the movie.  It’s not Holly Hunter on screen but Beth Gardner.  Holly Hunter has had such an incredible career of playing terrific characters and Beth Gardner is another addition that impressive resume.


Laurie Metcalf - Marion McPherson - Lady Bird

 There is always that token mother role in comingg of age films and a lot of actresses tend to play it in similar ways. That is what makes Laurie Metcalf’s performance as Marion a special one.  Marion’s character isn’t just a nuisance for the protagonist.  She’s a fully developed character of her own with emotions and beliefs.  Metcalf at times can play the nuisance part but at the same, plays it with rational thought & witty humor.  Towards the end, Metcalf brings a lot of emotion.  With Metcalf’s performance as Marion, we get a fully realized character that might remind us of our own mothers and that’s a beautiful thing to accomplish.


Allison Janey - LaVona Fay Golden - I Tonya

I know I’m beginning to sound really redundant here but Janey’s another underrated actress who constantly steals the show in her movies.  This performance was a huge step up for Janey, Janey tends to play a lot of lovable or comedic characters but Janey is absolutely vicious as LaVona. And, even though Janey uses her comedic abilities, they don’t hinder the role but strengthen it.  Janey is absolutely unrecognizable as Lavona and that’s the secret to great acting, is to let yourself disappear.  She absolutely nailed the real LaVona Fay & became her instead of impersonating her. Incredible.

Honorable Mentions

Octavia Spencer - Zelda Fuller - The Shape of Water

Lesley Manville - Cyril Woodcock - Phantom Thread

Miranda richardson - Patty Bauman - Stronger

Michelle Pffiefer - Woman - Mother!

Catherine Keener - Missy Armitage - Get Out

Best Supporting Actors of 2017

Best Supporting Actors of 2017

Top 10 Favorite Films of 2016

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