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Best Supporting Actors of 2017

Best Supporting Actors of 2017


Patrick Stewart - Charles Xavier - Logan

It has been 20 years since Patrick Stewart first played Charles Xavier/Professor X.  Ever since then many, actors have played superheroes.  Some have been great and some have been terrible but a very minimal amount have been a spitting image.  Patrick Stewart has brought this beautiful character straight from the pages to life which makes his performance in Logan even more tragic. It’s as if we’re seeing our favorite childhood hero die. It may or may not be Stewart’s last performance as Xavier but Stewart deserves to be honored for his performance as Xavier. This is much more than a regular comic book portrayal.  Xavier is suffering from Alzheimer's, he is old and worn down.  He clenches to this optimism even though the circumstances in his life are awful.  Stewart portrays that optimistic pain so well. He’s a huge bright spot of the film and him & Hugh Jackman carry this movie.  Even if this character wasn’t a comic book character, Stewart portrays this dying man with poignancy and it’s an emotional, heartbreaking performance.  It is one of Stewart’s best performances as an actor and it is a shame the awards circuit has overlooked it.


Sam Rockwell - Officer Jason Dixon Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

Sam Rockwell is one of the greatest actors of all time.  He’s a personal favorite of mine but there is no bias here.  He’s been winning awards all year and rightfully so. The only issue I have, is if he’s supporting or leading? It is  a bit tough but I decided to keep him in the supporting list as everyone else has. Rockwell is known for blending comedy and drama in his performances and with Dixon he does it perfectly. The character is definitely one of the funnier characters in the movie but also one of the tragic ones too.  Rockwell is absolutely abhorrent for the first half of the movie but he goes on an insane journey that lets us sympathize for him.  It takes a lot of talent to keep the audiences on your side even when you’ve spurned them.  There are also the little things Rockwell does, he has ticks and minor body movements.  He’s clumsy in the beginning but his body begins to become more frail as his character changes.  He starts from walking funny to limping. And there is a sadness in his eyes throughout the film.  A sense of conflict.  Rockwell always knows how to steal the show and he continues his streak in Three Billboards.  I’ve seen Rockwell perform Martin Mcdonagh’s work three times and Mcdonagh always brings the best out of Rockwell.  I hope this duo continues to give us many more memorable projects. 


Idris Elba - Charlie Jaffey - Molly’s Game

Idris is one of Hollywood’s underrated gems and it is a shame no one has discussed how great he was in Molly’s Game.  Even though Molly’s Game is Jessica Chastain’s film, Idris shines in his scenes.  Aaron Sorkin always brings the best out of his actors and it’s no different here for Idris, an already terrific actor.  His going back and forth with Jessica Chasten is an acting tour de force. It’s terrific to watch. There is a moment where Idris shines, it is when he delivers two very emotional but very strong monologues towards the end. Monologues can be tough to nail for an actor but Idris has so much power and emotion in his delivery, you can’t help but feel moved. That is talent. Lastly, it is always good to see the Idris Elba & his mannerisms in a film (like that Idris Elba walk)  


Richard Jenkins - Giles - The Shape of Waters

Richard Jenkins is a very solid actor and he lways gives great performances.  Jenkins is absolutely remarkable in The Shape of Water.  It’s a different type of performance from him.  He plays a very vulnerable, quirky character and Jenkins does it with ease. He brings a lot of heart and soul to the film and he vibes very well with everyone. His chemistry with Sally Hawkins & Doug Jones is terrific. He seems to genuinely care for Elisa.  And even though his character is gay, Jenkins plays it with a flamboyance but doesn’t overdo it. It’s all very natural & real.  He is one of the more memorable parts of an already memorable film.  Most importantly Jenkins is having fun and his oscar nomination is justified. 


Willem Dafoe - Bobby Hicks - Florida Project

Everyone loves Willem Dafoe.  He is a terrific actor but he tends to play very aggressive characters.  Bobby Hicks is a change of pace for him.  He serves as a care taker for the inhabitants of his motel but Dafoe comes off as genuinely caring.  He’s very natural and at ease with himself.  You forget this is a guy who plays villains, he is a lovable guy.  Another extraordinary feat Dafoe accomplishes is he also helps carry non professional actors and he plays off them really well.  Sometimes being a great actor is about bringing the best out of your co stars and Dafoe accomplishes that with such ease.

Honorable Mentions

Michael Shannon - Colonel Richard Strickland - The Shape of Water

Christopher Plummer - John Paul Getty - All the Money in the World

Jake Gyllenhaal - Johnny Wilcox - Okja, 

Ray Romano - Terry Gardner - The Big Sick

Michael Fassbender - Walter/David - Alien Covenant 

Best Actors of 2017

Best Actors of 2017

Best Supporting Actresses of 2017

Best Supporting Actresses of 2017