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Best Supporting Actors of 2015

Something new I'm going to do is that I'm not ranking actors/actresses anymore.  My opinion at the end of the day doesn't determine who wins an award or not and I think all performances need to be seen rather than one.  Of course I'll have that one favorite but again all these actors deserve your attention.  I'll admit one thing, the supporting actor academy something the Oscars usually don't get wrong nomination wise bombed it huge this year.  I even considered the way they went about nominations as racist, sexist and pathetic.  


Walton Goggins - Sheriff Chris Mannix - Hateful 8
Even though Waltonr Goggin’s Chris Mannix wasn’t a huge departure from other characters he’s played, Chris Mannix is a hell of a character. Of course you have to give props to Quentin for writing a character like this but I believe a lot of credit should go to Goggins in his portrayal of Mannix. I’ve been a huge fan of Goggins for a while and I was kind of bummed that his talents weren’t fully utilized in Django Unchained so it was great to see him as one of the leads. Goggins brings so much charisma, ambiguity & humor to the role that he owns a lot of the screen time given and this is in a movie that contains actors like Tim Roth, Kurt Russell, & Samuel L Jackson. Its an accomplishment within its own. What could have been a mediocre character benefits from Goggin’s fantastic performance.


Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa - Creed
Sylvester Stallone has been a frontrunner in the awards race and even though he’s played this character 7 times already, I think Stallone manages to reinvent himself in Creed. That’s a rare feat in its own because I didn’t think Stallone had it in him. This performance of Rocky manages to be more heartbreaking than Rocky Balboa & Rocky 1 and Stallone does a great job of not bogging down the movie as a supporting actor. I wouldn’t say he’s the best as he’s been doing this role for more than a decade but the fact he can keep things fresh is nothing but respect worthy.


Tom Hardy - John Fitzgerald - The Revenant
Tom Hardy’s performance as John Fitzgerald is probably the reason I’m going to jump on the Tom Hardy train. Even though he’s hard to understand in this movie (all part of the role), it’s crazy how dedicated he is to the character. He gives such life to a poorly written character that you actually think about empathizing for him of a bit. But every time he’s one the screen, he just tears it apart and is beyond captivating. But look, the main success of this role is that Tom Hardy helps everyone else. His performance benefited the others including Leonardo’s. As an actor you need to feed off you costar’s performance and it’s Tom Hardy’s hostility that helps heighten the performances of everyone else in the movie.


Jason Segel - David Foster Wallace -The End of the Tour
Jason Segel’s David Foster Wallace is ne of the most subtle supporting actor performances that’s been overlooked this year. Jason Segel does a fantastic job. It’s always hard to play real life characters because you can tread on the verge of being an impersonation. Comic actors always have a tough time trying to prove their worth in dramas but Jason Segel manages to outdo those expectations. He became David Foster Wallace. The film isn’t that complex, it’s just a week in the life of DFW but I felt DFW came back from the grave and was sitting here explaining his philosophies. It was extraordinary. Every time I see The End of the Tour, I can’t see it as a movie with Jason Segel but a movie with David Foster Wallace. It’s even heartbreaking to watch. That’s the whole point of acting, to become the role you’re playing.


Idris Elba - Commandant - Beasts of No Nation
I consider this to be one to the biggest snubs in Oscar history and it’s snubs like these that make the Oscars come off as a joke. Idris Elba is absolutely astonishing in this movie. Like I mentioned with Jason becoming the character, Idris does the same. It’s even crazy, the Commandant is supposed to be a monster but Idris brings some twisted humanity to this character. Idris destroys every line of dialogue he speaks and I think the scene of “taking the bridge” sums up how great this performance is. All I can say is words and talk about how great the performance is, but you have to see Beasts of No Nation to understand the genius of his performance. I think Idris has proven his greatness in so many ways (The Wire, Luther). He’s been show stealing in terrible movies like Pacific Rim & Promethus. The man’s work ethic is insane. He plays every role like he’s going for an Academy Award. Look at Black movies like Obsessed & No Good Deed, he’s going all out. Even his cameo in Avengers Age of Ultron, is the best performance in the movie. It’s pathetic Marvel would cast him in such a useless role. It’s a shame films aren’t utilizing this guy’s talent but Beasts of No Nation is a movie that understands Idris’ greatness. Idris Elba in Beasts of No Nation is not we call good acting but great acting.

Honorable Mentions: 

Christian Bale - Michael Burry - The Big Short,

Ryan Gosling - Jared Venett - The Big Short

 Oscar Issac -Nathan Bateman - Ex Machina

Ben Mendehlson - Dave - Lost River

Mark Ruffalo -Michael Rezendes- Spotlight

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