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Best Actresses of 2016

Viola Davis - Rose Lee Maxson - Fences

Okay, you know when the snot comes out, you want that Oscar.  Viola Davis is an incredible actress and a really inspiring person.  She’s very dedicated to her craft and it’s good to see Viola go from supporting actress to a desired lead actress in movies these days.  She was the best part of Suicide Squad and in Fences her acting is incredible.  It’s very low key until family matters get worse and she lets it all out.  Even though it’s all acting, her heartbreaking moment towards the end felt like a real person crying.  It’s mesmerizing.  I don’t understand how she’s being submitted as best supporting actress but who cares, Viola is incredible.

Natalie Portman - Jackie Kennedy - Jackie
Natalie Portman is a frustrating actress. She’s been acting as a kid and she’s got tons of terrible performances. Natalie proved to us that she is indeed a good actor with Black Swan but never capitalized on that success. She did a lot of terrible mainstream films and phoned in performances in Thor (A girl’s got to eat) but Jackie has brought her back on top. She really brings Jackie Kennedy to life and her accent might sound funny to some, but that’s nearly how Jackie Kennedy sounded. It’s a very emotional role and Natalie Portman did a great job. Coincidentally, Darren Arnofsky, the talented director who helped her get her first Oscar got her the role of Jackie. I didn’t like the movie that much as it felt like a 2 hour acting reel of Natalie Portman but it reminds us that Natalie Portman is a talented actress and I hope she continues to give strong performances.

Amy Adams - Louise Banks - Arrival
Amy Adam is brilliant and highly underrated. She is one of the few actresses that continues to push herself and she tries her best to pick interesting projects. She’s had 2 great movies this year. I forgive her for the Man of Steel films because like I said with Natalie Portman, people got to eat too. Her performance in Arrival might seem subtle at first but it’s a very complicated character and Amy does a good job of bringing Louise’s complications to life. Not to mention that she’s portraying 2 version of Louise throughout the movie. A happier and sadder version and she carries the movie. Amy Adams in Arrival is proof that actresses don’t need to take oscar bait roles to prove their talent and that they’re just as capable of carrying movies as their male counterparts.


Emma Stone - Mia Dolan - La La Land
Emma Stone is one of my favorite actresses right now. She’s just great. She has a certain charm & charisma that help bolster her performances. This is another role that should be very simple but Emma Stone does her best make to the role her own. Emma Stone is also one of those great actors that can balance both humor & drama at the same time and this is what the character of Mia needed. Also Emma’s singing was great and her dancing was good as well. She put a lot of work into this role and deserves all the recognition she’s getting. Not only that, Emma Stone in La La Land evoked an image of classic actresses like Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly & Jean Arthur and I think Emma Stone has that movie star quality those actresses had.

Taraji P Henson - Katherine Goble Johnson - Hidden Figures
It’s good to see Taraji P Henson in the awards circuit again. Funny enough, I found out about Taraji & Mahershala Ali, another actor getting recognition recently from Benjamin Button a film I loved. I’ve been a fan of their work since then. I wasn’t too crazy about Hidden Fences as a movie but the 3 leads were the big standouts of the movie. Taraji’s character has the most focus and she’s terrific when the script allows her to be. At parts they try to make her to be the “witty black lady” but Taraji is so much more then that and her acting really shined in the scene where she complains about the bathrooms. Bravo Taraji, I hope to see you continue killing it.

Honorable Mentions:

Ruth Negga - Mildred Loving - Loving
Rachel Weisz - The Shortsighted Woman - The Lobster
Felicity Jones - Elizabeth "Lizzie" Clayton - A Monster Calls
Marion Collintard -Marianne Beauséjour - Allied
Rebecca Hall - Christine Chubbuck - Christine

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